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What if transforming your classroom practice was easier than you thought?

We know how it can feel. You’re full of plans to develop your practice, full of enthusiasm and ideas to pave new ways forward with your learners. If only you had a road map to plot out these ideas; if only you could find the time, learn how to fail forwards, get feedback from enthusiastic, knowledgeable colleagues so you could really make that transformational change you are looking for in your learners - Learners who are abuzz with learning, who are kind, considerate, reflective, learners who relish a challenge and are the best versions of themselves.

In Learning Pioneers, we co-create plans and goals to embed learning power in our classrooms. We regularly meet (virtually - because we are in all corners of the globe!) to reflect on and reimagine these plans. We are a team of colleagues who understand one another and generously offer ideas to pave new ways forward together.

What once seemed hard, even impossible, starts to flow and grow in our community. We imagine and purposefully plan new possibilities for ourselves and our students together.

Learning Pioneers is a community of teachers looking for a safe place to share the best practice that will positively affect their learners, learn from other and grow their teaching and learning skills.

What Can I Expect From The Community?

Our thinking grows collectively in the community as we co-create together. We have a structure which shifts, grows and expands with our thinking. Here is how it works:

  • A termly focus on each Learning Powered Design principle in “Powering Up Children”
  • Three provocations a week to stimulate discussion
  • Small group virtual meet ups with other members of the community to plot and reflect throughout the year
  • Live Q and A’s with Professor Guy Claxton, designed by community members
  • Live Q and A’s with global learning power leaders, such as Kath Murdoch and Adrian Bethune

As well as deepening our understanding of Learning Power, we will also show you how:

  • To  fall back in love with teaching

  • To embed independence so you can take on the role of a ‘learning coach’

  • To believe in your own judgment so you don’t have to rely on that of others

  • To take back control of your profession

What teachers are saying about Learning Pioneers

"I feel empowered to make small important tweaks to my practice."
“Unlocking every barrier to collaboration, I can be myself in a community that grows through vibrant, deep, engaged and practical conversations.”
“Learning Power Pioneers has turned out to be the best CPD I’ve ever had.”

Who’s idea is this?

Hey, I’m Becky, classroom teacher and lead learner in the learning power approach. 

My husband says I am a “unicorn”. Wait for it. There is a method to this madness, some thinking behind this label (it’s not because I have a flowing rainbow mane and am followed by a glittering rainbow dust!) I’m a committed, creative classroom practitioner, always seeking to improve my practice AND, I am constantly researching and collaborating with some of the world’s leading learning powered minds. These conversations and collaborations shape my thinking and this is fed directly into the conversations within our community. So, classroom practitioner and lead thinker- and it is from this stance that I “lead” and coach this amazing community. I’ve put “lead” in quotation marks because we are all leaders, we all shape the groups’ thinking and we all plot ideas together - I just guide this journey.

I have worked with and known Professor Guy Claxton for 10 years – we have plotted, brainstormed and shared thinking together, the cumulative result of which is in our book “Powering Up Children” which is a practical guide to bringing learning power to life. I have spoken alongside Guy at the Festival of Education, and conferences across the globe. I continue to plot and share ideas with Guy and other learning power leaders, always co-creating new ways forward together.

Who Is Learning Pioneers Really For?

This community is for you if:

  • You are always learning and growing and you are looking for an opportunity to super-charge this growth
  • You love to connect and share with others
  • You believe learning is more powerful when co-created with learners.
  • You believe children should be in the driving seat of their learning and it is within your power to make this happen
  • You want to purposefully plan towards a better future with your learners and colleagues from across the globe
  • You believe that developing your own classroom practice will directly impact on every individual you teach and has the power to positively influence children’s trajectories.

Not for teachers who:

  • Think their practice is at the top of its game and there is no more room for improving
  • Get easily tired of hearing other people’s ideas
  • Like doing the same cookie cutter, worksheet learning every day
  • Would prefer their learners to be passive consumers
  • Like to stick with the status quo
  • Don’t believe they can be the change
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